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Extension to Tom’s Bar, Co.Laois

  • Architect:
    Architecture 53Seven
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2002
  • Location: Leinster
Extension to Tom’s Bar, Co.Laois


Eastern (over £100,000)

A refreshing alternative to standard derivative pub design, bringing together intelligent use of space, a real feeling for materials and craftsmanship and a positive contribution to civic street design.

Architects Comment
The extension to Tom’s Bar in Mountrath, Co. Laois, caters for the expansion of our clients clientele in an area which has sustained strong recent economic + demographic growth. The new shop front raises the profile of the premises on the main Dublin to Limerick road, which passes directly in front; forming a beacon along the route and a new direction for the town as a whole. The double height lounge to the front connects with the existing bar and is its counterpoint. The linearity of the site, expressed in the length of the old bar is expressed through height in the new – a teak-clad shell curving from a wall above the bar, suspended in front of the large window which itself floats above the main entrance. Brick panels; each a study in brick laying techniques, wrap the lounge to one side, into which are lodged etched light sources. Against the brick are placed items of bespoke furniture.

Every item furnishing the new premises has been designed by the architect in conjunction with a local furniture maker who have placed a strong emphasis on the simplicity of design and application within the spatial matrix of the bar.

Client Comment
The project to extend Tom’s Bar and add facilities was initiated when we identified a need in Mountrath for a larger public house. The original bar is set out traditionally and caters for a large range of clients and with the new Dubhslaine Lounge we are able to offer a more spacious socialising environment and vastly improved facilities. The Lounge is particularly good for the younger clientele and attracting passing traffic off the main Limerick – Dublin road. Indeed many people who travelled the route during the building of the bar were keen to come and look at the finished product.

The bar has been well received locally with many new faces becoming regulars while many people seem to be travelling large distances to come and see the upgraded facilities. The design of the bar has responded to a need locally to provide a more comfortable atmosphere and has proven to be ideal for medium size social gatherings.

We are glad to have worked so closely with out architects, as we were able to have considerable amount of interaction in the design process.