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4 Houses for Galway Corporation

  • Architect:
    M.V. Cullinan Architect
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Connacht
4 Houses for Galway Corporation


A unique modestly treated group of houses with appropriate use of traditional materials without resorting directly to ethnic references. While being understated in general appearances this small development is a highlight in an otherwise sprawling residential area not distinguished for the quality of the built environment. The client and architects are to be congratulated for having the vision to proceed with a project of this nature despite the cost and effort such high quality work involves.

Architect's Comment
Each house is organised around a gated entrance courtyard; this allows for privacy onto what will be a heavily used route. The rear gardens are minimally demarcated and share a common planting scheme. A small level area behind each unit provides a screened drying area. The houses are one and two bedroom units for Galway Corporation tenants, and are governed by Deportmentol space standards. The layout of each unit has been adjusted to allow for easy adaptation of use by persons with disability. Construction is of block and
plaster cavity walling with painted softwood joinery and diamond pattern slates. The gables and gateposts are of Galway granite.

Client's Comment
As the client, Galway Corporation welcomes the opportunity to develop a scheme which makes optimum use of the site to provide habitable and private amenity space for small households and also provides a visually pleasont landmark at the entrance to the Tulach Ard Estate.