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Black Church Print Studio

  • Architect:
    McCullough Mulvin Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Dublin
Black Church Print Studio


The large plate glass windows at street level engaging the passer-by with the gallery space, the functional free plan of the artists studios on the upper levels, studied attention to constructional details, light and space, and articulation of internal programme on the facade make this building a controlled essay in the use of classical modernist principles.

Architect's Comment
On the site of the single storey sculptors annex to Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, a new building has been constructed for Black Church Print Studios, which had operated elsewhere in the city until closed by a disastrous fire. In urban terms, the building aims to repair a
piece of street by filling in a vacant lot in the dense networkof buildings and streets in the area. Its neighbours are diverse -18th, 19th and 20th century buildings, all of different characters. This building is contemporary, yet respectful of parapet heights, scale and plot sizes, so it becomes a modern yet sensitive contributor to the urban fabric of Temple Bar.

To the rear, the large scale industrial windows are composed in such a way as to provide maximum light to the laboratary-like facilities inside and also to provide stunning views of the river and quays.

Client's Comment
The Black Church Print Studio provides facilities for all the formal disciplines of Fine Art Printmaking. Our placement in Temple Bar is a vital environment in which to promote these concerns. Within the confines of a small site, the separation of the three main disciplines
to individual floors has created on excellent working environment. Studio and Gallery can operate independently, and interconnected to facilitate marketing as required.