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Croke Park Development, Phase 1

  • Architect:
    Gilroy McMahon Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Dublin
Croke Park Development, Phase 1


In the task of providing a modern world class stadium, Phase One has made a direct impact resulting in a new reference point for Dublin. The considerable mass of the Cusack Stand has been broken down in an elegant manner using a series of identifiable layers in the traditional layers composition and an exciting experience.

Architect's Comment
The fist phase of the redevelopment of Croke Park Stadium in Dublin was completed in 1995. Apart from meeting the stringent requirements directed by the environmental impact studies on safety, daylight and wind turbulence there was the serious architectural challenge of inserting a large building into an innercity urban context. The building is appropriate to the scale of the immediate vicinity, the scale of the middle distance and the scale af the city. This is achieved by designing the building as a series of 'layers' broadly broken into base, middle and top: the traditional classical framework.

Colour is used to reinforce form. The raised podium at main concourse level grows out of the ground. Above this, the slate blue transparency of the curtain walling, which mirrors the roofscape of the surrounding area encloses the levels containing restaurants, bars and conference areas. Finally, the top is a cloud grey tracery of roof masts, designed for maximum interaction with the sky.