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Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

  • Architect:
    Grafton Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Dublin
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering


The challenge of connecting two buildings from different eras at Trinity College has been ably met by this finely crafted, uncompromisingly abstract and functional basalt cube block, which sits astride an irregular podium maximising the available site area.

Although lacking finesse in parts this stylish engineering workshop, office and teaching block provides a bold statement between the old unremarkable 18th Century rusticated exterior and the planned new ABK block which will eventually abut it; a worthy addition to this
architecturally well endowed and famed college complex.

Architect's Comment
The upper loboratary is set up, so that the west face lines up with the adjacent Chemistry building, thereby revealing the front door and the wing of Parsons Buildings onto the main avenue. The full elevation of Parsons is gradually revealed as one ascends the ramp to front door and podium level which is seen as a forecourt space to this Department. The existing composition of the elevation of Parsons Buildings allows us to connect to the special projecting element on the eastern end. In section, the junction of the podium with the existing building is detailed to fully reveal the primary upper floor windows.

Client's Comment
As a seat of learning which welcomes freedom of speech, the Parsons Podium has brought many comments from Trinity's body of staff and students. Its innovative basalt·clad floating cube creating a compact unit for offices, research areas and laboratory with spacious workshops beneath, is widely welcomed by users.