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Dublin Civic Offices

  • Architect:
    Scott Tallon Walker
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Dublin
Dublin Civic Offices


The environment created for the occupants and visitors alike, the scale and quality of the spaces provided, and the organisation of such a complex project make this a remarkable achievement for all concerned.

Architect's Comment
The scale of the new buildings along the river respect the scale of the existing riverfront architecture. They are restricted to four floors with a fifth floor set back from the main facade. These floors link into a new six storey building along the line of Essex Street West and finally link to the ten storey existing towers. This gradual rise in scale from the river to the towers helps diminish the dominence of the original tower blocks from the river views.

The new buildings are clad in the same granite stone to match the existing towers in order to integrate the new buildings with the exisitng and a new glass atrium has been placed beteen the existing towers to allow access to be achieved between the vorious levels of these towers where required.

A similar atrium is formed between the new five storey building to the river and the six storey building to the continuation of Essex Street West. The atrium is fully landscaped to create a pleasant outlook for the office areas adjoining and was a key factor in the energy conservation requirements of the brief.

Client's Comment
The Corporation was delighted with the way in which the building met the unique requirements of the Brief including status as a major civic quayside building, strong urban design, public permeability and integration with Phase 1, the Cathedral and Temple Bar.

As clients, we got a classic, high quality, highly functional, environmentally efficient building which is a joy for workers and visitors alike.