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Family Apartment in the Liberties

  • Architect:
    M.V. Cullinan Architect
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Dublin
Family Apartment in the Liberties


This apartment is in three levels and demonstrates the skill of an architect in organising spaces within a speculative development designed by another. Living accommodation is above the bedrooms to avail of views af the Dublin Mountains.

Architect's Comment
The scheme illustrated here is for the design of a flat in town for a young family. The apartment is on three levels and is entered from a common stairwell at second floor. There is a beautiful view of the Dublin Mountains to the south as well as a panoramic view of the city rooftops. For this reason, the sleeping accommodation was located at entry level, allowing the living areas to connect to a roof terrace above. The roof terrace has an outdoor fireplace and seat protected from the weather by a cantilevered concrete canopy.

The apartment is organised around a central entrance hall, around which are the bedrooms, study and utility room. The stairhall ceiling pushes up into the attic to give greater scale and allow natural light to enter from over the half landing. In warm weather the stairhall provides a chimney effect for cooling. The living areas are in a long side-lit room which can be separated off from the remainder of the apartment by a large sliding panel. The apartment has a total of 110m2 of floor area.