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Gothic Memorial Church, Kylemore Abbey

  • Architect:
    Timothy Foley Architect
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Connacht
Gothic Memorial Church, Kylemore Abbey


The building prior to restoration was in very poor condition - roof finish and flashings had failed and the building was seriously damaged due to ingress damp into high-level / upper portions of the walls.The roof was seriously defective due to dry / wet rot and the walls were extensively saturated and stained. The water table around this building was very high and the crypt and floor were extremely badly affected by damp as were the lower portions of the walls resulting in advance deterioration of the fabric of the building from rot and rising damp. After restoration the building is in as good a condition as when first completed.

Architect's Comment
Internal conservation involved removal and storage of all engaged marble columns, cleaning walls and ceiling, partiaI replacement of floors and roofs where timbers had decayed, installation of a new heating system, electrical and water supplies, internal and external lighting, drainage and conservation and repair of ironwork, rainwater goods and joinery.

Client's Comment
The Benedictine community at Kylemore has long wished to restore their 'Gothic' Church, which is one of Ireland's finest 19th Century buildings. Thanks to generous private donations and ERDF and Heritage Council assistance, we have been able to return our "cathedral in miniature" to its original splendour as a place of spiritual and temporal joy for all.