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Granary Apartments, Temple Bar

  • Architect:
    Peter Twamley
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Dublin
Granary Apartments, Temple Bar


The competence of this scheme lies in the appropriate use of materials with a minimum and sensitive intervention which retains the scale and enhances the quality of the original building.

Architect's Comment
The design brief of this development was to renovate a pair of list 2 nineteenth century warehouses located on the axis the new Curved Street and convert to residential usage on the upper floors with retail units at ground level.

The intention of the layout was to consciously challenge the culture of small apartments being built in the city and the result was immediately successful in this aspect. The design locates inter-communicating living rooms and bedrooms all around the street facades to maximise aspect and sunlight internally in the preferred location. The entrance halls, bathrooms and kitchens are all located to the rear of the buildings around the internal staircase which is roof-lighted from above. All windows to the street fronts have modern shutters for additional acoustic protection.

The interior of the buildings has been re-constructed in steel and timber with salvaged pine floor boarding throughout. The entrance hall and stairs to first floor level is finished in Mayo sandstone and the ground floor fitted out in fine steel screens to emphasise the presence of the brickwork facade. The upper roof contains a dining pergola, barbeque fireplace and hornbeam tub trees.

Client's Comment
The Granary warehouse presented a challenging rehabilitation opportunity. The brief for the project was to refurbish this industrial building as an appropriate vista for the new Curved Street while converting it into modern urban residences which would express the concept of open plan living. Peter Twamley has more than satisfied these aspirations.