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St. Brigid’s Church

  • Architect:
    Kennedy Fitzgerald & Associates
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1996
  • Location: Ulster
St. Brigid’s Church


A very strong and powerful building using "moulded" brick faced walling carefully designed to allow a variety in the daylight quality giving a warm tranquil feeling to the interior.

Architect's Comment
St. Brigid's Church is situated in apraminent location overlooking the Malone Road in south Belfast.

The basilica type plan of the Church with a central aisle leading directly to the altar, situated within a spacious sanctuary, is derived directly from the brief.

The Church is a simple hall in section, elegantly detailed, designed to be a calm space with the roof forming a unifying canopy above the congregation. The special pieces of the church grow naturally out from under the main canopy forming the Narthex, the Sanctuary, the Bapistry, Mortuary and the stairs. These add considerable interest to the form.

The artwork for the sanctuary pieces, the stations and the stained glass have all been created by artists from all over Ireland.

Client's Comment
The parish finance committee decided that an architect should be chosen by a competition open to all architects practicing in Northern Ireland. The brief specified that the church should seat 800 people, be built of brick with a ptiched, slate roof, and the siting of the alter, ambo, chair and baptismal font were indicated.