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Blue Eriu

  • Architect:
    Mary Donohoe Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2001
  • Location: Dublin
Blue Eriu


Dublin (under £100,000)

A sophisticated and accomplished shop fitout with a design concept carrying through from overall plan to smallest detail: shopfitting as architecture. 

Architects Comments
The solution was to subtly divide the space into distinct areas whilst maintaining the overall theme of a relaxing, tranquil haven, and to create a neutral backdrop as a foil, with splashes of strong bold colour as the unifying element, eg: the tropical fish-tanks, to reflect the fact that the common denominator amongst the distinct identities of the products was their beautiful packaging and strong colours eg: the flowers.  The emphasis is on the colour blue, eg: the Blue floor lights guide you through the space whilst the concealed lighting in the ceiling gives a discreet a blue glow.   The materials used are mostly natural: solid wide-plank walnut flooring, glass and sand-blasted glass shelves & cupboard fronts, turquoise glass-block screens and walnut counter tops with sprayed MDF cupboards below and walnut veneered MDF perfume towers. Lighting is from Shiu Kay Kan. 

Clients Comments
The name Blue Eriu is derived from the colour Blue symbolising protection, purity and tranquillity and Eriu, the ancient Irish godless of beauty.   The brief was 'Create and Emporium of exquisitely beautiful and refined things that encompass the Mind, Body & Spirit - everything from cosmetics, aromatherapy, perfumes, candles, exotic flowers, music, objets d’art, furniture, specialised books & treatment rooms that highlight the essence of living' The challenge was to design a retail space and house under one roof all of these very different functions and products, each with their own very strong corporate identities.