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Cross Court (Phase 2)

  • Architect:
    Magee Creedon Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2001
  • Location: Munster
Cross Court (Phase 2)


Southern (over £100,000)

New architecture in a historic inner city setting providing quality accommodation and demonstrating that architectural thought can reinvest the old city with new life. 

Architects Comments

This project aims to continue the regeneration of an historic urban area by reinstating the medieval intensity of street patterns in a modern idiom. It is seen as a stage set, against which the pageant of daily lives can be illuminated by the drama of natural and artificial light. Pedestrian routes wind through the section, weaving a matrix of spaces from the sunny extrovert roof terrace to the intimate, cloistered garden. The mix of units complements the existing shop and residential uses, creating a balanced microcosm which could be seen as a model for high density urban renewal schemes throughout the country.

Clients Comment
The success of an earlier refurbishment project at 81/82 North Main Street encouraged me to examine the possibility of developing some more apartments to the rear by converting first floor storage space. It was important that the second phase would not detract from the qualities of the earlier apartment scheme or the running of the ground floor business. The specification of materials was intended to convey a sense of quality combined with low maintenance and within a reasonable budget. The end result is a deceptively simple layout which gives a sense of completion to the whole and has also been very successful in financial terms.