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New Headquarters Building, Grand Canal Quay

  • Architect:
    de Blacam & Meagher
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2001
  • Location: Dublin
New Headquarters Building, Grand Canal Quay


Dublin (over £100,000)

This building exhibits restrained, sophisticated design and detail on a difficult and restricted site. 

Architects Comments
This headquarters building is situated on the site of the former Cats and Dogs Home on Grand Canal Quay. The site is triangular in shape, bounded by the railway line and Grand Canal Quay. The building consists of 7 office levels and 2 underground parking levels, organised in a T plan with vertical circulation and core areas located at the junction of the T, between front and rear blocks. An atrium encloses the space between these blocks to the south façade, thereby providing a bright transparent focal space, and permitting light to permeate deep into the office plan. The front façade is a frameless clear natural glass wall supported on bespoke spider fixings and windposts, with automated external awnings providing control of solar gain. 

Clients Comments
'This was a challenging site, constrained by the railway, with no local precedents for a good but different office building. The design team have succeeded in producing a work of contemporary architecture while meeting our commercial and operational requirements. It’s the right building, delivered in time at the right cost with thanks to the construction team'.