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Old Borough School & Parish Centre, Swords

  • Architect:
    Paul Keogh Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2001
  • Location: Dublin
Old Borough School & Parish Centre, Swords


Dublin (over £100,000)

An extremely well considered building of modest and well handled materials which respects and enhances its setting in the surrounding environment. 

Architects Comments

The project is located on a disused quarry adjoining the historic round tower mediaeval keep and nineteenth century parish church. The constricted river site coupled with the complex topography and historic context have strongly determined the design parameters of the project. The building has accommodation on three levels; classrooms, double height parish hall including theatre facilities, and meeting room. Each has separate access at each level allowing independent use of all the facilities and to integrate the building into the site. The riverside playground provides car parking for the church and the connection is made by the external public staircase. The low pitch roof profile is designed to minimise the effect of the new construction on the existing ecclesiastical buildings. The building is finished in render with cut limestone, iroko joinery and aluminium windows and roof.

Clients Comments
We are pleased with the overall design of the building; it provides the accommodation we desired and makes good use of space on a restricted site. The modern design is sympathetic to our older ecclesiastic buildings and the historical site context.