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Welcoming Pavilions at Government Buildings

  • Architect:
    Bucholz McEvoy Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2001
  • Location: Dublin
Welcoming Pavilions at Government Buildings


Dublin (over £100,000)

Simple solutions are often the most difficult. Here two contemporary gateway kiosks succeed in not detracting from a historic setting, and are themselves beautifully detailed and executed. 

Architects Comments 
The pavilions are designed to provide a transparent and secure entrance for the public to the Government buildings. Like an automobile, the pavilions incorporate window defrosters and adjustable air nozzles, and sun visors to control the micro-environment. Heaters located in the wall balance the temperature changes caused by the opening and closing of the sliding glass doors. The roof structure is treated as a stiff wing, cantilevered from the rear wall, the prestressed connections at the corners removing the snow load. The dead load of the glass is supported along an edge channel at the bottom, and live loads are taken on a continuous glass shelf at high level. 

Clients Comments

The design stems from the Department of the Taoiseach’s desire to present a transparent and welcoming first point of entry to the Government Buildings in line with their Strategic Management initiative with regard to quality customer service. The pavilions provide a public waiting area in a naturally ventilated glass pavilion. The pavilions allow for maximum comfort and security for the staff, while providing a suitable first port of call for visitors to the most important office building in Ireland.