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14 Ormond Road

  • Architect:
    Boyd Cody Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2003
  • Location: Dublin
14 Ormond Road


Dublin under €300,000

The most common brief for Architects is to extend an existing house.The Architects of this project have taken the brief and provided a poetic conclusion to this every day project.The selection of materials,simplicity of form and clarity of detail give this extension a jewel like quality set among the suburban gardens of Ranelagh in south Dublin.

Architect’s Comment
This project involved the refurbishment and extension of an early Victorian house,the introduction of two bathrooms a new kitchen and the addition of a garden room.The south west facing garden was also re-worked to provide a terrace.

The garden room is read as an independent box and is clad in satin anodized aluminium panels to emphasise its independence both in character and form.The wall panels are large solid sliding doors.These panels can be manoeuvred into different positions depending on use and light opening on to the lawn or terrace fixed glazed screens are placed between the doors and complete the enclosure.Detailing is simplified,so that there is a continuity of expression and the aluminium can be read clearly as reflective surface.

Void and glass are introduced internally to allow the flow of space from the dining area into the kitchen,through the addition and into the garden beyond.

A retaining wall runs across the garden to define the threshold between the terrace and lawn,this runs into the garden room to form a seat.

Clients’ Comment
Our new house,when purchased,was in bad repair with an unsuitable layout on the ground floor,and poor kitchen facilities.We wanted to create a new garden room to exploit the south facing rear garden while improving the kitchen and integrating it with the remainder of the house.After all the kitchen was to be a centre of our household!We wanted a house full of natural light and open to the rear.

We were aware of the work of Boyd Cody Architects and believed they could provide us with the type of accommodation we aspired to,the dining,kitchen and garden room work as one,which is really great.The aluminium clad extension is stunning!

And was totally unexpected.The sliding walls provide for various relationships to the patio and raised garden depending on our mood and is a great room for entertaining.

The kitchen has indeed become the centre of our home.