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3, 4 & 5 Temple Cottages

  • Architect:
    Boyd Cody Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2003
  • Location: Dublin
3, 4 & 5 Temple Cottages


Dublin under €300,000

This project demonstrates how existing inner city housing stock can be modified and transformed to provide for spacious living. The architects have modified 3 adjoining terraced houses, to suit the lifestyle of their clients. While maintaining the streetscape elevation, they have used the internal logic of the 3 bays to provide for the accommodation in a clear, uncluttered and rational manner. The extensions continue the interior dialog opening up the houses to the light while maintaining privacy. This is sustainable architecture of the highest order.

Architect's Comment
In the design, we wished to retain the integrity of the three existing houses. Each house is extended and the addition is so configured as to maximize the natural light at the rear of the residence.

House 1 accommodates on both floors the bathrooms, utility room and the vertical circulation and in the addition a studio is placed at ground floor and a west-facing external terrace at first floor.

House 2 internally holds the living area, it opens across House 1 and 3 to form a room of generous proportion and on to courtyard to the rear. The original front doors are retained as shutters to glazed doors behind. A third bedroom and landing are located at first floor.

House 3 has the dining area and a second bedroom at first floor held within the existing footprint. In it s addition, the kitchen and master bedroom are placed. The master bedroom is located here in order to catch the morning light.

A strong spatial dialogue is created across the rear courtyard between the kitchen and the studio at ground floor. This is further reinforced by a concrete bench that moves across the back wall to form a work top in the kitchen, the steps to courtyard and a desk in the studio. The dialogue continues at first floor between master bedroom and terrace. The area is surrounded by a large translucent glazed screen. The screen provides privacy from the flats located behind the house. But is also acts as a large reflector during the day bringing light down into the courtyard and at night as an illuminator as it is artificially lit from behind.

Clients Comment
A few years ago we bought the next house in the street. We contacted Boyd Cody Architects and explained our ideas. We wanted to create an open courtyard within the house and to have access to the space from the house. Of course we wanted the new house to be bright, airy and spacious, and finally we wished the architectural detailing to be clean and uncluttered.

About a decade later our neighbours moved out and we bought the house next door. We joined the houses together in a fairly rudimentary fashion. The intention was to create more space, especially in the bedroom department we now had two children!!

In our opinion the final result was a great success. The spaces in the new house are radiant and elegant and we now have not just an open courtyard but also a first floor terrace!