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Clarion Quay Residential & Mixed use Development

  • Architect:
    Urban Projects
  • Award Type:
    Best Housing (More than 1 Unit) 2003
  • Location: Dublin
Clarion Quay Residential & Mixed use Development


Dublin Over €3,000,000

The architectural concept -which marshals 14 different apartment types to provide 183 dwellings,37 of which are let to social housing tenants -is simple and poetic:a street of towers and a walled garden.A model of what can be achieved at the upper end of the density scale,Clarion Quay provides almost 120 dwellings per acre.It is significant for the way it reinvigorates dual-aspect apartment design,for the clarity it displays in differentiating between that which is public,semi-public and private,and for offering a creative idea – the private,,communal garden – about the nature of shared space for socially mixed living in the city.

Architect’s Comment
Clarion Quay was the result of the winning entry of Dublin Docklands Development Authority ’s Competition in 1998 for the residential component of the IFSC phase 2.

Critical to the project was the development of the garden landscapes to the residential development as a model for Brownfield urban renewal.

149 apartments are market units with the balance of 37 being social housing units (the first Part V scheme to be constructed).The apartments are in 2 basic forms – residential towers of 9 storeys forming the western side of Excise Walk,and a mix of single storey and duplex apartments forming the edge of the enclosed gardens.

All apartments were designed to have dual aspect.Ground floor apartments are single storey with Kitchen/living/dining areas opening onto a large terrace raised up from the general level of the garden.

Duplex apartments come with either two or three bedrooms.The two bed has bedrooms on lower floor and a through kitchen/living/dining gallery space on the upper floor,with a balcony onto the shared garden space and a Juliet balcony onto
the winter garden space.

Clients’ Comment
Clarion Quay is a critical component within the overall Master Plan for the second phase of the International Financial Services Centre in Dublin ’s Docklands.The aim was to build up a substantial residential component as part of a mixed-use development,which would also act to link the main animated section of Mayor Street with a secondary node of activity at the junction of Excise Walk and North Wall.

As clients the Authority and its development partners consider the architects have fully met the challenge and have created a project of outstanding architectural merit.

The public spaces have quality and a character that creates a sense of place,which is modern,yet is clearly of Dublin.The finishes,spatial qualities and sense of light in the residential units are exceptional and this is borne out in surveys of the residents.

The social housing residents in particular express appreciation of the identical standards achieved in both social and private units.The project demonstrates that a well-designed high-density residential complex can achieve attractive living conditions which given its inner city location nurtures substantial development.It sets a marker in design quality for future developments in Docklands.