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Harvey’s Quay Apartments - Phase 2

  • Architect:
    Newenham Mulligan Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2003
  • Location: Munster
Harvey’s Quay Apartments - Phase 2


Western Over €3,000,000

This quayside Apartment Development was presented as a separate project from the Shopping Complex of which it is part. This project demonstrates how a residential element can successfully screen a large retail development and present a positive living facade to the riverside.The vertical repetitive elements of the facade reflect its quayside context.

Architect's Comment
The retail development is located in the heart of Limerick City and encompasses the redevelopment of an entire city block.
The first phase of the development practically complete is the retail/commercial development fronting onto Henry Street, which encompasses 80,000 Sqft of retail space, a 630-space car park and main entrance core. The later residential element forms the other part of the mix of use development to the other three sides, they are being completed at a later stage and are not yet practically complete.

Design Concepts Urban renewal - The regeneration of the existing Spaights block,, which has been neglected, and in a poor state of urban disrepair for many years.

The reinstatement of Henry Street as a main shopping Avenue within the expanding city centre.

To provide a dignified, formal, robust scale to the originally dilapidated existing Spaights single storey site. To provide a contemporary building form which is expressed externally on the elevation by the provision of monumental glass windows and a landmark entrance.

Large projecting monumental stone box elements represent the presence and function of the car park behind, unashamedly expressing the function of the building without mimicking the usual pastiche of the multi storey car parks in urban context.

The above is enhanced by the Noble use of materials for example:

  • White reconstituted stone cladding combined with eight metre high monumental glass shop windows running the length of Henry Street.
  • A glass canopy and metal louvers, with profiled fins are integrated into the elevation to give a formal dignified presence to Henry Street and reinstate it as a proper urban edge to this important city Street.

A six storey void space with curtain walling system and associated secondary steel bow trusses marks the main entrance to the building and is the main circulation route between retail and car park.

A stack of six travelators servicing all floors within the main entrance void space add to the presence of movement behind the glass entrance and frame magnificent views of Limerick city including St Johns castle, the river Shannon and the adjacent Franciscon Church.

At night the main entrance becomes a fully transparent space, with the entrance lighting and movement within the space acting as a beacon attracting the general public into the building. The projecting exhaust box s to the car park light up and change colour on a twenty-four hour cycle.

Clients Comment
Coolanagh commissioned NMA to design a prominent retail building in Henry Street for commercial retail purposes with a user-friendly multi storey car park.

We are delighted with both the quality and design with which the building has been completed and the way it has a presence within Limerick city itself. It is a bright extremely user-friendly building that is in keeping with the welcome invitation to our retail units. The position of the travelator at ground floor behind the glass gives a dynamic modern feel to the extremely successful Henry street shop fronts.