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Housing & Apartments at Mount St. Ann’s

  • Architect:
    O'Mahony Pike
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2003
  • Location: Dublin
Housing & Apartments at Mount St. Ann’s


Dublin over €3,000,000

The site of a former convent has been developed consistently over the last number of years by a team of Architects together with a farsighted developer, to provide a complex development of social housing, apartments, houses and offices. In a market that too often falls for the safe and uninspiring, this team has created a modern development of 650 housing units around the historic environs of the old convent. The original buildings have been retained and incorporated into the development in an imaginative and modern manner. The use of open atrium spaces within the apartment complex, modern panel construction and a consistent pallet of materials have created a unique development.

Architect s Comment
The site for this residential development served as farmland for St. Ann s Convent, the mother house of the Irish Sisters of Charity. The Victorian Convent buildings are protected structures and are altered and extended to provide residential accommodation, whilst Milltown House, a listed Georgian style building and the original Chapel are retained with office / administrative usage and have been refurbished. Vehicular and pedestrian access to the development is by means of an improved access onto Milltown Road.

Virtually all existing trees have been retained in public open space settings. The principal central open space comprising 6.8 acres of landscaped parkland faces southwards and is enclosed by the apartment buildings. The development comprises a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, family dwellings in 2 and 3 storey terraces and courtyard housing. A total of 471 units are accommodated in this high quality project.

A series of atrium type apartment buildings allow for varied living situations as well as connections to existing refurbished convent buildings. 5-Storey apartment buildings form the edge to large park. Traditional terrace housing forms streets and common gardens throughout the site.

Clients Comment
This has been challenging site from a Planning Permission point of view with the small road frontage and the complications due to the existing surrounding residential and institutional development. After initial planning was refused by An Bord Plannala and following extensive consultations together with the local Planners we were finally successful in achieving a Planning Permission for 471 units.

From a marketing point of view we wanted to achieve a medium density mix of largely 1 & 2 bed apartments with a variety of 3, 4 & 5 bed houses. This has proven to be a very successful mix with over 350 of the units now occupied.

An innovative prefabricated concrete structural system was designed by OMP in conjunction with Engineers D.B.F.L. to radically accelerate the construction programme and to ensure an enhanced quality throughout.

The apartments and houses were sold on a phased basis with the main apartment block Milltown Hall being released in November 2000. The launch was a great success with record sales and great interest being expressed in what was to come at Mount St. Ann s.

Each additional launch has proven to be equally successful, as the Mount St. Ann's name has become well know. The best publicity has been the purchasers who enjoy the experience at Mount St. Ann s. Along with the quality of design & high specification are many items included as standard features unknown in previous developments.