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Shangan 2A Housing,Ballymun (Whiteacre Close)

  • Architect:
    Derek Tynan Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best Accessible Project 2003
  • Location: Dublin
Shangan 2A Housing,Ballymun (Whiteacre Close)


Dublin Between €300,000 and €3,000,000

This scheme which forms a small part of the overall Ballymun regeneration project and one of the first housing schemes to completed,demonstrates how Architecture at this level can provide new housing models while retaining the older values of community.The Close forms a community in microcosm with a mix of housing from 3 storey apartments down to single storey.The arrangement around a Close creates a shared sense of ownership and identity.The architects are to be commended for the street planning,modulation of materials,consistency of detailing and for the clarity of the interior planning,and the careful attention to accessibility.

Architect’s Comment
Shangan 2A is part of the initial phase of the Ballymun Regeneration Projectcharacterised by small scale development on sites at the edges of Ballymun.The project was completed early 2002 and provides housing for those previously resident in the adjoining 4 &5 storey blocks adjoining the site.These will be demolished to provide open space and the next series of development sites within the overall Ballymun Regeneration Limited masterplan.

Shangan 2A is based on using the irregular site to provide an identifiable space, Whiteacre Close.This is accessed off the new avenue,with two 3 storey apartment buildings articulating the entrance through scale,height and corner glazing,as part of the new Shangan district.Adjoining these apartment buildings are 3 houses as initial fragments of the new 3 storey avenue.

Within the close the scale drops progressively from 3 storeys to a single storey building providing a built edge to the rear of dwellings on the avenue.The definition of the public space of the close and the public/private zones is established through the articulation of brick and rendered planes.

The spaces between the planes provide an area between public and private – between the community and the individual.The common area for parking and access is overlooked by each house allowing social interaction and a sense of common
ownership over the close.

The site area is 5,210.3 square metres with a building development area of 1,941.2 square metres.The development consists of 23 units -a mix of 2 or 3 bedroom houses and 2 bedroom apartments on 3 floors including a 2 bedroom house for people with disabilities.

Clients ’ Comment
The approach to regenerating Ballymun is unique in many respects,not only in Irish terms because of it ’s scale,but also internationally because it is being carried out with the existing population in situ.

The new housing at Shangan was built under the watchful eyes of the future residents who were still living in the adjacent 4 storey flat blocks.

BRL ’s objectives for the this scheme as with all of the phase 1 housing were to:

  • Integrate different house types within each scheme.
  • Achieve a variety of house styles within a small area emulating areas of the inner suburbs which have developed over time.
  • Integrate new with existing housing at Shangan Gardens and Santry.
  • Address the future park on site of the soon to be demolished flat blocks.
  • Form the start of the future phases of housing along the length of Shangan Road.

As clients BRL consider the architects have fully met the challenge and have created a project of outstanding architectural merit.

The elevational treatment successfully achieves the transition of scale between single,two storey and three storey development in a very intimate space. The design of the courtyard provides a traffic calmed environment for doorstep play.

The spatial qualities and sense of light in the residential units are exceptional.Interior spaces are simple and clean with cleverly integrated storage space on all levels.The dwellings have proved very successful with the residents – a key endorsement in itself...