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Internal Alterations & Extension at 39 Malone Park

  • Architect:
    Todd Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2005
  • Location: Ulster
Internal Alterations & Extension at 39 Malone Park


Northern Over €300,000

Architect’s Comment
The brief was to maximise views over an access to the south garden, improve the existing irrational stairway circulation, extend the restricted ground floor living accommodation, and faith fully restore the Victorian exterior whilst providing an interior suitable for modern living.

Rationalisation of the stairway required removal of the old staircases first and second floor hall/landings. The new insertion is made of glass and tensioned steel maximising views of the recreated 3-storey volume.  Primary space, are retained to the south overlooking the lawn. The kitchen, casual living and dining area are contained in the extension all in one space.

The extension exterior form is simple, in deference to the more ornate architecture of the old building. Formal access to this area, from the main entrance, is via a reception room which was formed by merging two smaller rooms. Connections with the south garden are enabled from these spaces via floor to ceiling glazing.

Clients’ Comment
Moving from rural County Down to suburban Belfast we decided that our new house should reflect city living. Sites are difficult to find in these locations so when we purchased an old Victorian house we asked our Architects to create a modern city interior. Notwithstanding that the house was in a Conservation Area, we also required that the exterior should be faithfully restored.

The final results, represented a brave endeavour to harmonise both periods of architecture, which now sit in harmony with each other.

The accommodation works well, giving clean, airy lines and no nonsense spatial qualities.  Movement through the ground floor is made with ease, most rooms leading directly from one to the other without corridors. Virtually the entire ground floor can be opened up into one room – 80ft front to back and superb for entertaining.

Views and connection with this space and the south garden are improved by the full height glazing which is formed in the south wall of our reception room and the kitchen area.

The centre piece of the house is the superb staircase. This is directly visible, right up through the 3-storey hallway, and creates a dramatic effect on entering the house.

The dramatic volume rising through three floors in this Victorian house resulting from the removal of the staircase and landings is striking and the jury was impressed with the quality of the detailing of the new modern glass staircase.  The flexibility of the spaces created through structural remodelling, the clarity of the internal vistas, the subtle proportions and choice of materials used in the extension also impressed the jury.