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The Mall Armagh, Restoration of Urban Park

  • Architect:
    Alastair Coey Architects
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 2005
  • Location: Ulster
The Mall Armagh, Restoration of Urban Park


Northern Over €300,000

Architect’s Comment
Armagh Mall was established by Church of Ireland Primate Robinson in 1773 when he leased common land for use as a public park.  By the 1990s, the Mall had fallen into serious disrepair.

A building contract, estimated at one million pounds, commenced in 2003, work included:

  • Re-surfacing using bonded gravel, granite edging and limestone paving.
  • Tree surgery.  Historically appropriate tree planting.
  • Restoration of walls and wrought-iron railings.
  • New entrance gates, field railings and disabled access.
  • New street furniture and lighting
  • New drainage.
  • New interpretation panels explaining the Mall’s origins and surroundings.

Despite threats from vandalism, decay, and escalating land values, Armagh Mall’s survival has been a tribute to all responsible for its protection.  Now that there is a need for havens of peace and refuge from the pace of modern life, the restored Mall will be an asset for all to enjoy for many years to come.

Clients’ Comment
We, at Armagh City and District Council, hoped and planned that the effect and appearance of the restoration of the urban park would be positive in touching many aspects of life within the environs of Armagh City.

We determined that the refurbishment of the Mall would inculcate the historical and future roles of our city to reflect the religious, agricultural, scientific and sporting legacy that makes Armagh unique.

On the completion of the Mall we have been surprised by the feedback from the community regarding the emergence of a sullied treasure burnished to brightness and commanding community pride from users and visitors alike.

It has been exciting to see the various elements come together to make this such an enjoyable space. The choice of trees, the meander of the paths, the modernity of the street furniture and the atmosphere of the lighting all commune to create an environment of safety, well being and inclusiveness in this urban park.

The jury praised the restraint of this project and the quality of the detailing ensuring integration of old with new.  The park plays an important role in this historic urban landscape and the project is recognised as a carefully measured act to enhance and conserve this much admired space without overstatement.