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10A Grangegorman Villas

  • Architect:
    ODOS Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best House 2009
  • Location: Dublin
10A Grangegorman Villas


Whilst befitting the scale and character of its urban surroundings, this house for a motorcycle enthusiast challenges the typology of the terraced house. This compact aluminium-clad house has an intriguing sculptural presence. The jury enjoyed the spatial invention and the attention to constructional detail


This new residential development is an alternative reaction to the more traditional city centre infill residential projects; an unapologetic piece of architecture sitting within a strong urban context defined by both site and planning constraints.

The building is essentially two living plates over a workshop connected by a vertical service and circulation core. While the character of this new structure is unmistakeably contemporary it has been designed to sit discreetly within its more traditional context, while giving the end of the terrace the strong presence it deserves.

The elevations become more transparent as you move from the ground floor terminating in the upper floor external terrace. The building is entered under a canopy, which extends internally to create a ‘suppressed’ area inside the front door, emphasising a triple height stairwell beyond. The experience of this space is further enhanced through the introduction of a full width roof-light running the full length of the building, flooding this volume with natural light. The enclosed back garden is seen as a landscaped courtyard that opens directly into the ground floor volume and is partially sheltered by the cantilevered structure above.


As a long term resident of the area, I finally had the opportunity to realise a personal ambition to build and live in a contemporary home, when I acquired the site adjacent to my original house. My new home has exceeded all of my initial expectations and furthered my neighbours and my interest in architecture and design.