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Irishtown Health Centre

  • Architect:
    A & D Wejchert & Partners
  • Award Type:
    Best Accessible Project 2009
  • Location: Dublin
Irishtown Health Centre


The quality of entries submitted for this year’s award for best accessible building was higher than in previous years. Some of the projects which did not obtain awards would have been good enough to deserve awards in the past. This entry showed that accessibility and the principles of universal design were well considered. The building has to cater for a diverse range of people and uses. It is a simple plan, easy to understand, with good signage and many features which make it a fine example of inclusive design


The design incorporates natural lighting and ventilation. It is designed to minimize energy usage both by installing high levels of insulation and by appropriate design of air handling. The facility is for the treatment of people who are unwell, so fresh air is used throughout.

The entrance is located at the corner of the step and an intermediate outdoor space is provided between the public street and the inside of the building.

The architect provided interior design services also. A warm, welcoming and bright colour scheme was selected. This has been well received by the users.

Detailing and materials must be robust and easy to clean and maintain. They also comply with the HSE guidelines and good practice for health care buildings.


This project is a low energy and sustainable design. Design of the building and the services are very closely integrated to allow low energy passive control of heating and air circulation in a sophisticated and subtle way. The central rooflight acts as a venture. Heat recovery is achieved by a thermal wheel. All air is fresh and suitable for a medical building. The design is modern but scaled to match the adjoining buildings.

The Architects provided an excellent architectural professional design service from the conception of the project through to completion of the construction phase, commissioning and fitting out.
The design developed by the Architects responded to the brief and also presented a few innovative elements never before used in our health centers. The Architect was also acting actively in the Arts Committee preparing and choosing suitable art elements for the centre.

The building is a top quality development finished on time and within the budget and to the expected standards of workmanship.

The Health Service Executive would like to underline the excellent cooperation between Design Team members led by the Architect and enormous engagement during all stages of the project.