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Lake House

  • Architect:
    Clancy Moore Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best House Extension 2009
  • Location: Leinster
Lake House


This podium extension to a Georgian country house is a bold and rigorous project completed with a reduced palate of in-situ concrete and black granite. The jury was seduced by the spaces generated within a grid of concrete columns. The project accepts the limitation of the chosen construction method and material palate and achieves a symphony of spatial and textural experience within this discipline.


The project comprises of the re-ordering and extension of a 19th century country house in Kerry. The house stands on a man made hill at the centre of an elaborately planted, deceptively ordered, romantic landscape

The original house is what can be termed an Irish house of the middle size. The challenge became to accommodate the clients requirements by extending such a singular, complete and direct structure. A strategy of elaborating the threshold between the reception rooms of the house and the garden was adopted by wrapping the house in a notional forest of columns creating deep verandas to the south and west of the main living spaces.


When we asked Clancy Moore to come up with ideas for our house we had no real brief except to give us a home that would be restful and calm. In the manner with which they went about the preparation of their design we found a great energy and excitement, and were opened up to new ways of looking at the house which were very interesting and refreshing.

Living here now we can say that the result has exceeded our expectations. The contrast between the redesign of the existing house and the concrete extension and the way it looks out on the garden being the most exciting part. The quality and variety of the rooms is the strongest part of the house for us. Although the kitchen and dining room are now where we do almost all of our living, the other rooms, and the bar in particular are also very important to us as quieter rooms to go in the evening.

We can say that the architects did indeed meet our brief – this house now feels like our home.