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Midlands Regional Hospital

  • Architect:
    Murray O'Laoire / Brian O'Connell
  • Award Type:
    Best Health Building 2009
  • Location: Leinster
Midlands Regional Hospital


The jury were impressed by the architects’ response to an extremely demanding programme where rigorous space planning and the establishment of vital functional relationships are of the essence. Without compromising these demands a building of appropriate spatial drama has emerged. The architecture achieves an informal non-institutional image and feel; a bonus for this building type.


Midland Regional Hospital at Tullamore is a rare example of a new acute regional hospital realised on a green field site, facilitating the ideal delivery of acute healthcare services in Ireland.

The design approach was largely informed by the need to achieve optimum clinical efficiencies as required in the brief and also to ensure that the design was future proofed to facilitate expansion as a whole and of individual departments whilst avoiding disruption to other core clinical facilities. Major elements which informed the design approach were the maximization of natural light and ventilation as appropriate to the clinical need; accessibility and the creation of visibly legible way finding routes; genuine patient oriented environments through use of day light, colour and access to views.

The In Patient wards are arranged to the front of the building overlooking the main landscaped forecourt and taking advantage of the western orientation which is acknowledged as the most beneficial for the longer stay patients within.

The rear of the hospital is reserved for the main treatment and clinical areas of the brief where a rectangular modular structure, perforated by regular courtyards, provides appropriate natural light and ventilation to clinical function.

The main hospital street and the triple height main entrance concourse form the major architectural experience for visitors, and the architectural expression of the street is informed by the use of warm tones in the floor coverings and high quality timber and stone wall finishes to create a spacious and welcoming ambiance.


The new Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore building, which replaces the existing hospital buildings, is a 235 In-Patient and 75 Day Bed facility with a wide range of supporting surgical, medical, out-patient and ancillary services and represents a major advance for acute regional hospitals services for the Midland Region.

The new building has successfully integrated the various complex Hospital departments into a clever layout with the use of natural daylight to the main circulation areas, landscaped courtyards with shared views to various circulation and medical areas and a strong Main Concourse entrance point.
The Hospital street acts as the main circulation route at all levels with each department having access to the street.

The project comprises a new Accident & Emergency; Radiology; Medical Records; Out-Patients; Rehabilitation; Renal Dialysis; Operating Theatres; ICU; CCU; Day Services; CSSD; Medical and Surgical Wards; Medical Oncology; Orthopaedics; ENT, Administration; On Call; Laboratories; Pharmacy; Mortuary; Energy Centre; stores and ancillary buildings.

The design of the project spanned several years and an extensive user group consultative process was established to ensure that best practice was being adopted in the design and to ensure that a sense of ownership of the project was engendered amongst the local staff - an essential factor in ensuring the ultimate success of the project.

We consider the new hospital a well considered building addressing not only the functional needs of a busy hospital but also providing a pleasant environment for both patients and staff.