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St. George & St. Thomas Church (Insertion)

  • Architect:
    Clancy Moore Architects
  • Award Type:
    Assessors Award 2009
  • Location: Dublin
St. George & St. Thomas Church (Insertion)


This project is a delicate yet bold insertion of ancillary functions into the church of St George and St Thomas on Cathal Brugha Street. The inventive form and subtle material palette were particularly recommended by the Jury.


The project builds itself about the entrance to the church. The form is manipulated such that the intervention recedes from those entering the church, drawing them into the plan before becoming readable as an addition. The resultant poché between this entrance sequence and the fabric of the church is hollowed out to provide the required accommodation. These rooms are insulated and lined in cork to allow for their use separate to the main body of the church.

Constructed in solid walnut the intervention reads with the existing brick interior and yet is clearly identifiable as a contemporary addition.


The Church of Ireland Parish of St George and St Thomas, Dublin 1, needed to create a safe space within the church for children, as well as something which would provide storage for brass band instruments. Coupled with this was the desire to make the entrance more inviting. Clancy Moore took on the brief and worked with a group of people from the church to come up with a solution which fulfilled requirements and kept within our small budget.

The resulting piece of work has been everything the parish had hoped for. The room for children is well used every Sunday and sometimes during the week, providing a safe space for them but, because of the design, not excluding them or the adults accompanying them from the worship taking place in the church. The new entrance means that many people come to look in and some venture through, while the storage area has meant that unsightly presses have been disposed with. The parish was delighted to work with Clancy Moore who carefully listened to our needs and provided a solution both unexpected and delightful.