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4 Mastmaker Road, London

  • Architect:
    Brady Mallalieu Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best Overseas Award 2010
  • Location: Overseas
4 Mastmaker Road, London

4 Mastmaker Road engages vigorously with the issues of higher-density urban living.  Its sculptured massing and composition is as ambitious as its progressive social agenda.

Architects Comments
The project contains 199 homes contained in two towers and five low rise buildings organized around two south facing courtyards. Integrated into the project are a cafe/retail space and a community centre with allotments and rooftop sports pitch. Elevations and urban form are carefully handled to positively address adjacent streets and create a varied, diverse, humane place to live. There are 58 different unit types used in the project providing a high level of variation: The high proportion of family sized homes are located at the base of the building having direct access to rear gardens, a playground and courtyard areas. The building is connected to the nearby Barkantine Estate Combined Heat and Power network and includes greenwalls, bird boxes, bat boxes, insect bricks and biodiversity roofs which contribute to its ‘Very Good’ EcoHomes rating.

Clients Comments
Located in the heart of the Isle of Dogs yet only a stones throw from the Canary Wharf estate the development sets a new benchmark demonstrating how successful partnerships in London can meet the challenges of delivering sustainable family housing on high density mixed tenure developments. The provision of a significant amount of affordable family accommodation is a key benefit of the scheme, which represents an exemplar for delivery of family dwellings in high density locations. Overall the scheme at 4 Mastmaker provides a truly unique example of high quality sustainable development that has delivered a high standard of living for residents. The scheme not only helps to meet the urgent housing need in the borough but will also encourage and maintain a balanced, sustainable community.