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Civic Precinct - Courthouse, Local Area Office and Library, Kilmallock, Limerick

  • Architect:
    ABK Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best Public Building 2010
  • Location: Munster
Civic Precinct - Courthouse, Local Area Office and Library, Kilmallock, Limerick

The careful control of proportion, rhythm and tone allows the architectural language used in this modest complex of public buildings to achieve a cool refinement and real civic presence.

Architects Comments
This Civic project, is intended to reinvigorate the social and cultural life of the market-town of Kilmallock, by concentrating a series of key social functions - a District Court, a Branch Library and Local Area Office, so as to form a new Civic Precinct. The Library and Local Area Office form a single entity which is set back to maintain the building line of the town and defers to the existing workhouse building which was refurbished and extended to form the third public element, the courthouse. This new building-line defines a broad, stone-paved terrace which extends the public realm of the town. From this space each of the public functions may be entered..

Clients Comments
For many years, Limerick County Council and the Courts Service provided services for Kilmallock and its environs from the remaining fragment of a Workhouse building at the Southern end of the town. By 2005 it had become apparent that the existing accommodation was unsuitable for the provision of modern community and court facilities and that redevelopment would be required. Limerick County Council recognized an opportunity to bring together diverse public services, the Local Area Office and District Court which were existing on the site with a new Library to form a new Civic Amenity which might provide a new focus for the community and act as a catalyst in the regeneration of the town. The project has brought together 19th and 21st Centuries to form a seamless extension with the town. In summary, the new amenity is tremendous success. The management and staff of Limerick County Council and most importantly the public of Limerick are unanimous in their praise of a project, of which the design team should be justifiably proud.