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Engineering & Informatics Building, Athlone Institute of Technology

  • Architect:
    McCullough Mulvin Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best Educational Building 2010
  • Location: Connacht
Engineering & Informatics Building, Athlone Institute of Technology

A well chosen strategy deploys a series of blocks joined by courtyards, covered and uncovered, to provide a clear and flexible response to a difficult programme. The result is complex, vibrant with colour and memorable.

The Engineering and Informatics Building incorporates facilities for six departments within an environmentally responsive envelope achieved through the exploitation of orientation and materials.

The main facades are orientated towards the East and West.  Sun penetration through the East facade early morning in Winter ‘kick starts’ the day and helps to reduce the warm up load; in summer, this solar gain is beneficial in starting the stack effect through the atrium when external temperatures may be below or close to internal temperatures. The project forms mats of open and closed space which are combined to form six bars of accommodation linked by a circulation spine; courtyards are eaten out of the rectangular plan in a regular pattern but are treated randomly.

The Engineering and Informatics Building at Athlone Institute of Technology is a landmark on campus. Designed to provide a world-class environment for the conduct of academic study and enquiry, the facility is a significant addition to the higher education landscape in Ireland. Its use of light and open space provides an ideal context for the pursuit of knowledge and the generation of new thinking.