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House 1 + House 2

  • Architect:
    Taka Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best House 2010
  • Location: Dublin
House 1 + House 2

The pleasures and rituals of the family are celebrated through the artful interaction of light, space and texture central to both of these houses.

These two new homes house two generations of the same family (A renovated Victorian house for the parents sharing a rear garden with a new Mews house for one of their daughters). The now grown-up family had recently moved out of their long-term family home and wanted these new homes to maintain some sense of continuity with their former lives.

The memories of the family are used as a conscious architectural driver throughout both houses. Typical domestic objects are distorted in material and scale to form a psychological landscape specific to the occupants.

The family's collective memory finds built form in the dining space of the parent's home. The weekly tradition of the wider family gathering for Sunday dinner is ritualised through construction. Cast in concrete the altar-like dining table communicates its importance through immovable materiality.

Here architecture offers space for the continuity and reinforcement of the family unit.


Client for Mews House:
I have just finished maternity leave at home and have such an appreciation for the house & how it works. I am a normally ‘busy’ individual who would consider sitting still torture, but my new house is both a calm and interesting place to spend time.

The concrete floors work very well on wet days as we have kitchen doors directly out into the garden and a new puppy who likes to run wild both inside & out. Our young son likes to throw everything on the floor and the heat underneath is nice for him to crawl on.

Client for Victorian House:
Moving from our previous family home where our children had grown up, this new house has been a new start for us. We feel rejuvenated by the modern but sensitive design. My favourite place in the house is 7:30am at the concrete table, reading the paper, the light from above and feeling the garden behind me and the world waking up.