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Rush Library

  • Architect:
    McCullough Mulvin Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best Conservation / Restoration Project 2010
  • Location: Dublin
Rush Library

The measured placing of two boxes, clad in glowing timber ,inside the church invokes a modern library underscored by the spatial and material qualities of the older building.

The work combined a careful investigation and conservation of the existing structure with a particular concern for the rescue of ordinary materials, making a distinctive intervention into it to hold the new facilities. This is formed as an undulating walnut plane which fills the nave running across the floor and up on both sides; On plan, it is like a clump of seaweed: reference to marine location; in section, it forms an inverted U- with two galleries, the space between them taut and formed like a city street, deforms the route from entrance to ‘altar’, forcing it to meander.

The recent history of this building was somewhat controversial so obtaining planning permission required particular sensitivity. The architects performed this task in an exemplary way. The finished design is an architectural achievement of quality. Working with old buildings always throws up unforeseen issues. The architects dealt with these as they arose in a completely professional and competent manner and in fact anticipated many so avoiding delay.