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RIAI Gold Medal Winner 1980-1982

  • Birr Community School
  • Architect:
    Peter and Mary Doyle
  • Award Year: 1980-1982
  • Location: Offaly
Birr Community School


The merits of this building can be attached to numerous and varied architectural criteria; the imaginative transformation of a structural form hitherto associated with utility building types into a sophisticated system of order, the disciplined resolution of many functional and organizational problems called for in a complex brief, the further development of the system for a large building population while at all times avoiding any covert connotation if institution.

No list can describe the vividness of its experiences; a vividness achieved with a relentless rhythm of structural order and light, with a skilled exploitation of ground plane, roof plane and wall plane, and a courageous juxtaposition of human activities. The interior is one of sophistication achieved with a refreshing absence of meaningless device or reference.