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RIAI Gold Medal Winner 1971-1973

  • The Administration Building, UCD
  • Architect:
    Andrzej Wejchert, MgrEngArch, MRIAI, SARP, RIBA
  • Award Year: 1971-1973
  • Location: Dublin
The Administration Building, UCD


This is a building of great character and strength. It takes full advantage of a worthy setting and balances in harmony with other fine buildings which are part of its environment. With the directness of a form constructed in concrete, it combines the sensitivity of fine detail and finish.

The approaches both from the open air and though the transparent first floor link from the arts block provoke a dramatic interest in what lies beyond. The floor levels and vertical circulation are cleverly related to a contoured site.

The space created by the large central office and concourse adds warmth and cheerfulness to dignity and elegance. The rest of the accommodation is simply and directly related to the dominant central space. Again crisp subtle detail enhances the atmosphere of relaxed efficiency.

The building has the special merit of appearing complete and yet embodying the flexibility to envisage and provide for very substantial future expansion. It is in every aspect a building of distinction.