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Refurbishment of Facade, The Gresham Hotel

  • Architect:
    Arthur Gibney & Partners
  • Award Type:
    Regional Award 1999
  • Location: Dublin
Refurbishment of Facade, The Gresham Hotel


Dublin, Under £100,000

This is an example of how an effective, fully thought-out design (including dealing with rainwater discharge) can at once make a statement and also sit quietly in its historical context. Would it that we had at least a few more examples of such design skills on our main public thoroughfare.

Architect's Description
Responding to the problems of the outdated and decaying 1950s blue, steel-plated canopy over the main entrance, a thorough refurbishment of the entrance facade to the Gresham Hotel was undertaken. The principal element of the works was the installation of a new, light, glass and painted steel canopy, reflecting the original 1930s canopy. This was complemented by the cleaning and repair of the Portland stone facade, replacement of the steps and stone paving, exposing and regilding the original sign, refurbishing doors to the lobby, and, finally, the installation of integrated floodlighting of the facade.

Client's Comment
Recognising the presence and the importance of the Gresham Hotel on O'Connell Street, we have made significant improvements to the entrance facade. The new canopy has a fine, elegant feel, and the glazing allows light to filter onto the repaved entrance porch below. The discovery and reinstallment of the original carved name plinth was a bonus, and this, together with the high-quality materials and workmanship used in the repair and replacement of Portland srone, brass handrails, hand-gilding and the enamelled brass entrance signs, has helped to restore the original grandeur of the entrance of the Gresham Hotel