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Architects’ Studio at 51-54 Pearse Street

  • Architect:
    Henry J Lyons Architects
  • Award Type:
    Best Commercial Building 2010
  • Location: Dublin
Architects’ Studio at 51-54 Pearse Street

The ingenious and generous space resulting from the extension and remodelling of a modest city-centre building achieves a fine balance of older texture and newer materials – a model of the advantages of urban intensification.

The building accommodates the design studios of a prominent architectural practice, within a new 6 storey building which incorporates a terrace of Georgian buildings organised around a new atrium.  This atrium provides clear articulation between the refurbished protected structures and the modern studios, while bringing light and ventilation into the heart of the building. 

The Georgian building, with its cellular character, accommodates meeting rooms and offices which relate to the street, while the new fabric accommodates 5 light filled studios which open to the new atrium.  A top lit basement houses a model making workshop, café and presentation room.  The atrium base accommodates library and collaboration spaces.    The glazed north façade contains automated vents bringing tempered air into the building during the heating season, while the exposed concrete of the structure cools the air introduced during summer. 

The key objectives were to provide light, space and communication between occupants in an environmentally responsive building. In addition the practice desired to create a building that would be a notable addition to Pearse Street and the City. The design solution developed preserves three existing late Georgian buildings on the site, while providing c.2600 sq. m. of studio accommodation, all with natural light and ventilation on a tightly planned inner city site.

The new building has given the practice a sense of renewal and a positive new image in difficult times, and the interest shown by potential tenants promises to allow the practice operate from a sound financial base in years to come.