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Silver Conservation Medal Winner

  • Fenn’s Quay, Cork
  • Architect:
    Jack Coughlan Associates
  • Award Year: 1996-1998
  • Location: Cork
Fenn’s Quay, Cork


This early eighteenth century terrace has been rescued from what, in most circumstances, would have been considered a physical condition of such decay and decline which justifiably merited only demolition.  The decision was to the contrary.  Great credit and gratitude is due to the Client and the designers. The restoration has been carried out with enormous care and sensitivity.

Buildings on the edge of ruin and under considerable threat have been transformed into an urban element which significantly contributes to streetscape and urban environment, albeit that the original riverside context has long disappeared.  Budget which was certainly not excessive has been deployed wisely without fuss or pretension by the designers to achieve a satisfactory and functional end product.  The design approach is one of great integrity and succeeds in capturing elusive qualities of age and character and allowing these elements play a dynamic role in the final synthesis.

The use of the buildings indicates a healthy robust user response.  Current usages are probably not much different from their historical functions.  The accompanying documentation submitted by the architects   was exemplary in terms of   academic standards and in constituting a useful pro-format which can be of great assistance to architects approaching similar challenges in the future.