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Silver Conservation Medal Winner

  • Kilkenny Design Workshops
  • Architect:
    Niall Montgomery
  • Award Year: 1946-1976
  • Location: Kilkenny
Kilkenny Design Workshops


This restoration contrasts with the State Apartments, as a decision was taken to restore 18th century stables using new glazing and new flooring materials, and generally revitalising the buildings using new building materials and techniques while not over-relying on historical accuracy.

This approach is highly successful in the use of large plate glass windows in the 18th century arches and in the modern timber detailing of window frames, doors, floors, etc. The exposure of various materials - stone, brick, and some cobbles - gives a textural quality often absent in more bland architectural restorations.

The reuse of an unusual set of structures to a totally new function must give added historical continuity to the work of our new Irish designers.