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Silver Housing Medal Winner 2003-2004

  • Clarion Quay: Residential Development
  • Architect:
    Urban Projects
  • Award Year: 2003-2004
  • Location: Dublin
Clarion Quay: Residential Development


The jury considered that this is an excellent example of integrated urban design. The framework for a sustainable community is created by the provision of a mixed-use development, which includes mixed tenure residential accommodation consisting of private, affordable and social housing.

Through careful detailing of external and internal spaces and the use of durable and sustainable materials and finishes, a high density is achieved without compromising the standard of amenity. The design ensures that the natural features of the site, in particular views to the river, are exploited to the full.

The success of the project is greatly assisted by the handling of the central open space area, which, although accessible to all residents and clearly well used, shows little sign of wear and tear. The use of new technology, e.g. pod bathroom units, is further indication of the innovative approach taken by the architects to the design of this complex and challenging project.

The result is a fine example of the art of place making which integrates subtle security within an appropriate urban design strategy.