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Silver Housing Medal Winner 1953-1955

  • County Council Housing Scheme
  • Architect:
    Dublin Corporation
  • Award Year: 1953-1955
  • Location: Dublin
County Council Housing Scheme


The scheme, which consists of 58 two storey houses, is close to the existing village of Cornelscourt, adjoining the grounds of the local National Schools, and linked at either with roads giving convenient access to the main road through the village. The site is particlarly attractive in its being well provided with trees along its borders and sloping gently to the South - East.

Due to its height and and its situation, between the mountains and the sea, many pleasant views are afforded from the site and the layout has been contrived to allow as many as possible of these views both from the houses and while walking around the scheme. The echelon formation of the houses of the on the North - Eastern side is a case in point where distant views of Killiney Hill are afforded between each block. Open spaces have been providedin the form of a large playing area containg a sand pit, and partially enclosed by the terraces of houses, where younger children can play in safety. An air of spaciousness is thus achieved and this is further advanced by the treatment of the front boundaries of the house gardens as dwarf walls.