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Silver Housing Medal Winner 1968-1970

  • Dundanion Court
  • Architect:
    Neil D. Hegarty, Dipl. Arch, (Oxford), MRIAI, RIBA
  • Award Year: 1968-1970
  • Location: Cork
Dundanion Court


Dundanion Court was designed in 1964 and was completed in 1968. It consists of 36 identical two-storey terraced housing units of 1200 sq.ft. each built at a net density of 20 houses per acre. The layout and the individual house design or 'look' of the project, fits well in its surroundings in the attractive suburb of Blackrock in Cork City.

The site was an asset from the outset with several mature trees and an aspect across the Lee and over woods, which are part of the site.  The new housing has been designed around the old trees and takes maximum advantage of the site features, such as old stone walls.

The hierarchy of open spaces is attractive and functions well - private gardens for sunbathing, drying clothes and family use; pedestrian squares for small children, old people and less boisterous activities; the 'mews' laneways and hard-parking for football, riding bicycles and for more noisy activities. It has been accepted that children will play in the laneway and parking spaces, and these areas are quite attractive and immediately accessible from the back gardens.