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Silver Housing Medal Winner 1962-1964

  • Hitschmann House
  • Architect:
    C. Harvey Jacob, MRIAI, ARIBA
  • Award Year: 1962-1964
  • Location:
Hitschmann House


An attractive house, elevated on its rocky loping site and enjoying a magnificent view accross the lower reaches of the Suir. It is a medium sized detached private house, built for a client of cosmopolitan background and tastes with a grown up family. With this sort of brief, one would have expected a good solution and the architect has responded with the highest quality design seen, both in its class and in relation to other schemes visited.

This scheme has made excellent use of the challenging steep and unevenly-contoured site, part of a disused quarry. The assesors were impressed by the form and proportions of the house and its skilful relationship to the changing ground levels. They were struck by the interesting spacial effect achieved inside by the open planning which, combined with the use of large windows, was regarded as a good break with traditional concepts. A notable feature in the planning is the upper bedroom with bathroom en suite. This unit doubles as a guest bedroom and studio retreat for the artist/poetess wife of the owner.

Workmanship generally reached a high standard, doubtless assisted by the effective choice of basic materials and finishes in a limited palatte and sensible architectural detailing. The scheme has been landscaped with great success and in carrying this through, new planting and ground shaping have been integrated with the natural featrures of the site, and the whole enviroment will undoubtedly be enhaced as the planting and general landscaping mature over the years.