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Silver Housing Medal Winner 1977-1978

  • Martello Mews
  • Architect:
    Diamond Redfern Anderson
  • Award Year: 1977-1978
  • Location: Dublin
Martello Mews


The architectural totality has been composed of many complex elements. Principally, these fall into two main categories.

(1) The ingenious use of an awkward site configuration to create a variety and order of meaningful external spaces

(2) Full exploitation of a quite modest schedule of accommodation to create a varied and human hierarchy internal spaces.

However, in the synthesis of these major constituents, the Architect has created that much larger and intangible dimension which we recognize as Architecture of supreme; supreme in both its dynamic perennial characteristics.

We wish to emphasize that this imaginative whole has been executed with a superb demonstration of subordinate skills. We are referring to the multi-varied skills of assembly, the use of planting, the awareness of colour, texture, light and the sympathetic handling of masses and proportions. While novel the scheme remains quite sympathetic to the existing environment in scale and form, and while complex, the scheme retains a simple clarity.

In conclusion, we emphasize the total clarity of all its parts, but particularly its final unity; a unity which has been reciprocated with a loving and caring response from its inhabitants.