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Silver Housing Medal Winner 1982-1984

  • Oak Apple Green Housing
  • Architect:
    Redfern & Anderson
  • Award Year: 1982-1984
  • Location: Dublin
Oak Apple Green Housing


Oak Apple Green represents a very high standard of achievement by an architect in the design of private speculative housing that is achieved all too rarely.

Too often has the architect's role in a project of this type been confined to putting elevations on a house type and producing a layout that confirm to the restrictions of the Road Engineer's Department. Many attempts have been made by architects and developers to escape the strait jacket of these restrictions but few have evaded the with such skill.

The scheme is distinctive for its site layout, its attrsctive house types cleverly manipulated by subtle variations and a landscaping scheme that has improved with maturity. These elements combine to convey a sense of urban place and community that is very satisfying.